We all love to explore the beauty of the world. No doubt there are hundreds even thousands of places which can easily blow your mind and entice you. But among the series of them, some are very popular where people love and prefer to go. Among the series of them, the land of the UK specifically London is the topmost highlighted and recommended center of attraction place. People without the restriction of age, love, and dream to visit there. Some love to spend their bachelor time, some plan to go there with their family, some like to go alone, and even some go with their dear ones.

But apart from this, there are few things which you need to do before you are going or planning to visit London. Mostly what people do is to not to do their researches work mannerly. They just plan a visit but don’t even know that what are the places and where they have to visit first, and that becomes the reason of their trip distraction. It is not necessary that every time you go and roam around with a tourist guide. Sometimes a little bit earlier effort helps you a lot.
So to consider all these things, in this article, I am going to jot down the most tremendous and attractive places in London which make this city the center of attraction in the eyes of all.


One of the most fascinated places in London is the tower bridge. This iconic bridge is not only historical but also known as by the name of see-saw. This bridge opens and allows the way to pass on the tall boats on the Thames. Every day hundreds of people come and visit this place just to see the glimpse of this tower. For couples, the ideal time to visit this place is the evening time.


If you are a lover of Sherlock Holmes or even love the detective and investigation stuff then without any asking, this is the right and most recommended place for you to visit in London. The Sherlock Holmes museum is also one of the must visit place land in London where people eagerly come and explore this museum.


How is it possible that you are landed in London but haven’t bought or purchase something? Indeed this Harrods is one of the 160 years old iconic stores that offer you the massive collection of goods, a huge variety of fashion stuff, and a bunch of other collection that simply appeals you most. People especially women adore this place most and must hit this place and buy something for their selves.


If you are a lover of historic adventures and always in search to find something related to history, then you are at the right place. This London Transport Museum is the perfect example where you can explore the finest historic underground system, discover the trains, 1800 old Decker buses, horse-drawn carriages, and a lot more. Instead of this, kids love to visit this place as they fascinate to see the old transport vehicles.


So this is the place for those who are the die heart art followers. This is the place where you can see the stupendous art of Picasso, Matisse, and Warhol Dali, Bacon, Hirst, Turner, the ancient 1500 art, and also the present art galleries collection. The most interesting thing is that both museum tickets are completely free of cost that means you can explore the tremendous art gallery without even investing your single penny.


This Leaden Hall market simply attracts the viewer’s attention. This market is covered with shops, pubs, silver screens, and a huge variety of stalls where people are selling flowers, cheese, and meat. So if you love roaming then must try this place and see what attracts you most.


One of the world largest and cantilevered observations is this largest wheel. Millions of viewers visit there and experience this breathtaking skyline view if your visits are few and far between then make sure not to miss this spectacular view.


If you are in London but still haven’t visited this place, then you are missing the retail therapy. This is one o the famous spots in London which simply swoon you. The hottest chain stores, electric streets magicians, dining options, independent shops, and even the festive environment of this place are undoubtedly getting you nowhere. So no matter you are old, younger, or even kid this place is ideal and the best deal option for all.


This 1536 old ancient Hyde Park is the biggest place of green trees in London. This park has around 4,000 trees, flowers, and meadows. Plus, another thing that makes this place unique is that this place also hosts major events, concerts, and celebrations for the people. So in short, it is not wrong to say that this place of the park is not only limited and enticing for kids but also for youngsters and elders as well.


This 1876 market is still maintaining its reputation. If you are planning your trip for London, then I highly recommend you to visit this market. There you can see a huge variety of food, clothes, and antiques.


Above-mentioned are the top most visited landmarks in London which you should not miss it. Apart from this, there is also a long list of places which makes London unique. Despite these places also explore the old school pubs, blue plaques, borough market, Churchill war rooms, admiralty arch, seven dials, Wimbledon lawn tennis museum and tour, Portobello road market, the Shakespeare’s globe, the somerset (world’s best-skating house), the river Thames crises, an imperial war museum, the walking tours, west end, the Piccadilly Circus, and the world most festive oxford street as well.