One of the longest inhabited cities in the heart of the Mediterranean in Athens. This city is considered to be the most precious and historical gemstone of Europe. There are so many historical and cultural attractions here in Athens, a lot of which we have discovered on our trip.

The Acropolis

Out first stop after arriving in Athens was The Acropolis. It is the most amazing and unique prehistoric Greek testament which is also the most beautiful monument in the world. We got to see how this place towered over the rest of the place and how it displayed majesty and splendour in its construction. We entered through the Beule gate, then passed through the entrance of Propylaea and used this opportunity even to visit The Temple of Athena Nike.


When we visited this place in Athens, we were so mesmerized by this magnificent temple that reflected us about the ancient world because it was always build to rectitude the cult of Athena. We got to walk around the exterior where we did nothing but admired all the angles of its construction. There are so many beautiful details of artistry to check out here since everything is on display here but is as timeless and gorgeous as always.

Theatre of Dionysus

This place was constructed during the 4th century BC and is considered as one of the three ancient architectural shrines of Athens. Here we got to know that this place is the home to the European theatre and is also the first one to preserve after its abolishment. This theatre was always used for stage performances and is also the place where the tragedy of the great Greek Sophocles and Euripides was executed. In its time, this theater could easily accommodate 17 thousand viewers and spectators which is why a lot of people also used it for housing several festivals and occasions.

Odeon of Herodes Atticus

It is a beautiful stone theater structure that was constructed during 161 AD and was then refurbished during 1950. This theater was so majestic for us because this is the place where the world best performers from tenors to opera divas have appeared on stage here. When we reached there, we thought about how amazing it must have been to attend a live classical performance in a theater that has been operating for more than 2000 years now. It was really nice to sit in the middle of ancient history and enjoy the traces of bands and their performances in Roman times.

Acropolis Museum

This museum is no doubt one of the best museums in the world which is why its ratings are always on top. We saw the huge glass walkways here with high ceilings and implausible panoramic sights which were undeniably amazing. Here, we not only got to learn so much about Athens but also about Parthenon which it is dedicated to. You can also visit the surrounding temples and take your time to reminisce the splendour of this place. You can meet the large glass panes just like us and enter the museum to illuminate its exquisiteness.


Plaka is one of the oldest neighbourhoods of Athens, Greece. It is the best place to end your day and eat an amazing dinner. We walked through neoclassical homes as well as pedestrian streets to sulk in the beautiful view this place had to offer. Today, you will find so many restaurants, cafes, crafts, and jewellery stores here which are also diversified in nature. These shops are sometimes normal ones, and then there are traditional shops and ones with a little touristy touch in them.

Panathenaic Stadium

This place was a must for us to see because we are a fan of sports. When we got to know that this place is where the Olympic Games were born, we had to go visit. This stadium was built during the 4th century BC an always used to host mega competitions and events where athletes from all around the world came to compete and take part. This sports ground is now the most central stadium of the world and is also the only one in the world that is made only by using marble material and can accommodate more than 60 thousand people at once.

The Psiri neighbourhood

There were times when this place used to be the most dangerous to be in for tourists. But lately, it has modified itself and is now the most trendy, quirky, edgy and chic neighbourhood of the city. As we wandered around the streets here, we were not only able to see the most beautiful and authentic stores of craftsmen but also brilliant street art as well that was evolved because of the economic crisis here in Athens. We even visited the art galleries like Sarilla 12 and AD where we were mot interested in the work of Alexandros Vasmoulakis and Vangelis Hoursoglou as they were responsible for bringing public art into the streets of Greece.


Later, we visited this lively square where there was a flea market as well as a neighbourhood that was filled with colours and murals. We got to see the amazing wall art and graffiti here which were very eccentric and funny, some completely unprofessional and some very political. The market had a huge number of varying shops that offered us interesting supplies from old vinyl, jewellery, artefacts, trinkets, and traditional souvenirs to take back home.

Cruise to Aegina, Poros, and Hydra

A full day tour of the islands of Aegina, Poros, and Hydra was very relaxing for us after all the hustle bustle of the city. We took a boat to take round. The boats here are huge and can easily fit 600 people in it and offer roomy lounges, bars, VIP cabins as well as modern and stylish kitchens. When visiting these places we got to experience the picturesque alleys, stone mansions, mountains, forests, and beautiful beaches all surrounded by crystal clear water. The entire cruise experience was totally worth the time and money since we made so many unforgettable memories here